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Do you want to fall under my spell and beg me to be your beautiful erotic cuckoldress?

Do you want me to humiliate you for being a cuckold and take you further into the depths of cuckoldry? I have the power to make you feel aroused, yet humiliated at the same time, as my cucky. Don’t think that I won’t be going out two or three nights a week to seek out the sexual satisfaction that you can’t provide. I will go to bed with well-hung men while you stare at sexy photos of me, edging yourself, waiting for me to come home. Keep begging to actually watch me in bed with these real men who know who to please me, while you kneel there at my bedside, obediently.

And, don’t say a word while you watch us having sex! I will tell you if I need you to do something kinky, something that cucks are often told to do with their tongue. And I’m sure you’ve heard of cuckolds being turned into fluffers! You will kneel like a good cucky boi and fluff the well-endowed stud getting him raging hard so that when he’s inside me, I will orgasm over and over and scream out in absolute pleasure. Call me on my direct dial phone sex line for cuckold humiliation. I will turn you into such a submissive cuckold that you won’t know what has happened to you. The only way to fulfill this fantasy or reality is to call me right now for cuckold phone sex so we can indulge your cuckold fetish and my cuckoldress desires.

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