Erotic Confessions: Ass Worshipping, Foot Loving, Little Dicked Boy

TinyGerard has sent in on of the erotic confessions, he is a foot worshipping, small penis humiliation addict:

I do remember when I was young. It’s a very early experience, and quite possibly the start of my descent into servitude:

At [my young age], I started hanging out with this girl from school. I adored her.
After about a year of sniffing around her, we were finally going to have sex. Obviously, I was ecstatic! I proudly showed her my cock…she was less than impressed. But, because we were both very inexperienced, she decided to give “it” a trial run anyway.

We tried all the variations we could think of, but no position worked! Every time she complained that she couldn’t feel it, it slipped out, or never reached her hole in the first place!

Becoming very bored very fast, she decided to try something, asking me if she could tie me up, just to spice things up a bit… Of course being the horny little virgin I was, I panted “yes yes yes!” So she bound my feet, and also put a dog collar around my neck! She tugged the leash, and made me walk around the bedroom like a doggie…
She ordered me on the bed, and bound my feet to the bedpost, leaving my hands free. Then she started playing with my penis. She tugged on it, and pumped it. Then she got a puzzled look on her face. “Is that as big as it gets? Really? I expected a bit more…” I assured her it was normal size, but I saw she didn’t believe me. She ordered me to masturbate, and I did, pulling frantically on my little pud. She watched, amused, but obviously not very turned on by my display.

Try as I might, I didn’t manage to cum, so she decided to give me a little hand, or ass, as it turned out! She climbed on top of me, stuck her beautiful ass in my face, and let out a BIG juicy fart! She found that hilarious, laughed out loud! After pushing her big behind in my face, to make sure I inhaled all her juicy smells, she got up, and stuck her foot on my face. Ordering me to smell, kiss, lick and taste it! I worshipped her lovely feet.

With her feet on my face, and her open pussy right in front of me, fingering it to orgasm, she ordered me to shoot my load, which I did in two or three pathetic pumps…

We did this many times.

It was a strange, but wonderful relationship, and I loved every twisted second of it! Of course, she finally left me for (in her words) ‘a real man with a real man’s cock.’

And thus began my descent into submissive ass and foot worship – but most of all, kinky, freaky, small dicked servitude.


Response from Mistress Lillith:

I find it interesting that you claim you were both ‘lacking in experience’. Seems to me that your little friend there knew EXACTLY what she was doing and just wanted to punch a hole in your v-card. Makes me wonder if you were in a gym locker room and perhaps word got out about your…short comings. LOL

What your girl did was throw you a pity fuck.

From time to time a girl WILL throw out a pity fuck JUST to stamp that vcard and add another notch to her whipping belt. Of course after that she can’t wait to move on to a real man, with a real cock.

It’s a good thing that you found something on her to worship that does excite you. The feet are perfect because little dicked, two pump chumps BELONG on the ground – where you would be eye level with the gorgeous goddess feet.

The one thing you failed to confess, and I have to ask—just how small *IS* that tiny little penis?