Panty Sniffing Sissy Slut

It’s pretty obvious that you are nothing more than a panty snatching, panty sniffing sissy slut.

You walk around with a pair of used panties in your pocket to take a whiff or two during the day. If you go more than a few hours without that fix you start to shake and tremble. It’s a pure addiction for you, and one that can only be fed…not tamed.

Who’s dirty panties do you like to steal?

Your girlfriends, your wife, the friend of your spouse or even, a complete and total strangers panties ~

It doesn’t really matter to you does it? So long as you find yourself holding onto a pair of soaked, used panties.

You want those panties that have been worn more than a day.

Those panties that are soaked and caked with feminine juices.

Panties that have the musty smell that comes from when a woman has worked out in them, has sweat in them.

Panties that have perhaps…some fluid of the masculine variety. Showing that the panty wearer is quite the sexual vixen.

The dirtier, the stickier, the better for you.

One sniff of the panties – and your mouth starts to water and that pathetic sissy clit starts to leak. You’ll do anything for your next fix …