My little humiliation slut

Lillith's Slut on Cam Below is an erotic confession sent just after a cam to cam session with a pet of mine. He wants and needs the attention to be put in his place. At my feet is where he belongs–Don’t you Ran!



My confession, after my talk with you on phone, is that I realized many things, I got my calling, I felt my soul more open and let free.

You were right in many ways.

I realized I am not a real MAN!!

…not that I did not know it before, it became very clear after my conversation with you. Another 20131203_173036wonderful thing I was clear on, was that I wanted to be further emasculated and feminized by you Mistress and I want the whole world to know about it!! yes publicly exposed and degraded for the slutty sissy I am!! As decided I want my cam session to be recorded by you mistress and posted on all your sites Mistress.


The cam session started with my confession and having me dressed in normal attire. Then slowly undressing me and emasculating me. Along with video recording , photos also of my normal self including face, then full nude frontal(so that I exposed by anybody who sees me).

20131203_172952I had to use lipstick or marker to write on my body what I slut I am!!

Then made fun of my little clit. Once Mistress had sufficient photos of me which are satisfactory I was dressed up in a sissy attire– then photographed again.. then made to dance as a sissy and do a strip dance for you mistress … yes Mistress this is all I ever wanted, you fulfilled my fantasy even more that I thought I wanted.

I want to be destroyed by you mistress


PS. Anyone else notice the cum stains on his lips?

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Gregory’s Humiliating Feminization Experience

After many years of fantasizing about seeing a Mistress, I finally researched those in my area and made an appointment for a several hour session, I wanted to experience what feminization was like.

She first shaved my genital areas, then dressed me in a garter belt, thigh highs, matching bra and panties. I put my own pants and shirts.

We went first to a lingerie store, after selecting a couple of pairs of bras and panties, I had to take the items to the woman cashier and first ask her if she thought the selected panties would fit my 34″ waist, and then ask if she thought the bras would fit around my chest. So, so, so embarrassing.

Next we went to an upscale adult store. We would select an item then I had to ask a clerk something about it that would ensure they knew what was going to be done to me.

I had to ask if she thought the cock ring would fit my small cock. Then if the nipple clamps were for men as well as women. If this dildo would be too much for an anal virging. What was the best anal lube. We also purchase some cheap, slutty lingerie. All paid for, we asked if we could use the dressing room.

She had me strip down to lingerie, then put the cock ring and nipple clamps on. She bent me over the chair and ass fucked me with the dildo while I masturbated and came hard into my sheer panties, and cum leaked through and ran down my legs.

Then we drove to a large mall and parked in a fairly empty area. Down to lingerie again! She spanked me hard, making me beg for more. Used the dildo again, she jerked me off this time, making me cum in the panties again.

We drove to back to her house-I had to sit with just the bra, garter belt and panties on, and I know some drivers looked and saw.

I had never been so embarrassed and humiliated, and had never orgasmed so hard.

In her house, well I had 3 more hours scheduled, but that is a story for another day.

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James begs for humiliation

Similar to Dear Abby, but much for sexy and fun 😉 This weeks confession comes from James, who wants to beg to visit pro-domme:

I confess that I feel inadequate in many ways. So much so that I asked my fiance to humiliate me. Alas, the gentle loving soul that she is cannot bring herself to do it. I really and truly wish she would.

To vent these feelings of frustration and humiliation, I selfishly went to a pro-domme in my area. She lambasted me with insults and slapped my face many times. I was so turned on, I cannot even begin to tell you. The big joke is that despite having exactly what I had been begging for, the little loser could not rise to the occasion. Which, rightfully so, became another point of humiliation at the session.

I do not have the money to make this a regular thing, but my heart now aches for this type of treatment regularly. I wish to everything holy that my fiance would do this for me, but of course I cannot force it upon her. My wife to be is also ridiculously hot, so there is no way I am going to leave her. It’s probably the only truly great thing I’ve ever done in my life (that is, charm this beautiful woman into wanting to be my wife).

My birthday is coming up and she always asks me what I want. I may be wrecking my life when I ask, but I am seriously going to beg for permission to see a domme with her. It is my hope that seeing the session and seeing how happy I am in the humiliating agony will at least get her to MAYBE throw me an insult a day or something.

In the likely event that this venture fails, I now have a secret savings that I will use for seeing a domme once every three months or so. It’s pretty pathetic, but I honestly don’t think I can live without humiliation in my life.

I’m even typing this out naked and on my knees because I so crave it. The unfortunate thing is that while I am bisexual, I do not feel the same way about men humiliating me otherwise Craigslist would be the simple answer.

All the smart women charge.
Fuck me, I’m so screwed.
My heart aches.

Hahaha well I think more than one thing will be aching besides your heart, dear. 😉

I am curious though…how did the talk turn out? Oh…and Happy Birthday LOSER


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