I want you to beg

Beg like the little submissive play thing that you are. I want you to beg for my attention, I want you to be for my adoration. I want you to fall to your hands and knees and beg as though your life depended on it.

I just want you to beg.

But, if you know anything about your deviant dominatrix…you KNOW it’s not that simple. I am not going to accept just ANY kind of begging. Don’t come to me with your blanketed statements and bland, tired ‘begs’ of ‘I’ll do anything you want mistress, please let me serve you mistress’ There is NOTHING creative about that.

You want to serve me? You need to get creative.

In fact, I want you to step outside of your comfort zone and beg for something you may not like, beg for something that you WOULDN’T like, beg for something you KNOW you don’t like.

You don’t get to just say one quick sentence either. I want it creative, and I want it to stand out and put a smile on my face. What exactly puts a smile on my face? Figure it out. You want to serve me then it is up to you to ensure you know my kinks and quirks, just as much as I know yours. You need to know what will make me happy without me giving you a laundry list of topics.

I will throw your little submissive puppy self a bone – I like creativity. This is just a simple slave training assignment to test you and test your skills. All I want you to do…is beg. 4 or more sentences or statements. Make it creative. Follow the guidelines as described above.

Perhaps the hard part will be…the fact that I want you to have me feeling like you mean it. I want to know you are begging for something you don’t want, but I want to feel as though you really want it.

Example? You don’t want to eat your cum. You find it repulsive and makes you gag, immediately making that little pin dick grow limp. But you will beg for it. You will ask me to let you eat your cum.

Now the real question will be…will I make you actually do the thing you are begging for? I guess that would be another test of your ultimate submission wouldn’t it? Let’s see if you can entertain me begging, and THEN we will see if your submissive test will continue.

Call and Beg, or leave a message below…begging.

Stroke for Me

You are going to stroke for me right now.

This is just a teaser of what I would tell you to do when you call me live on my .

You know you are aching, that deep ache that needs to be released. Perhaps you have been fantasizing about me and how you would like me to tell you to stroke? Take yourself in hand and I’m going to tell you exactly what to do. In case you don’t know, this is called Guided Masturbation, and for many men, it intensifies their orgasm tenfold! Let’s begin…

I want you to grasp the base of your shaft, and slowly, very slowly slide your hand up and over the head. Do this for several minutes.

Then, take your index finger, and slowly and gently trace down to the sweet spot under the head, and massage it on the upstroke and down stroke. Keep touching it ever so lightly, creating a tingly sensation. That’s right, that’s how you do it. Now I want you to take your free hand and cup them over that ball sack. Massage them slowly as you continue to stroke yourself, building pleasure with every stroke. Do this for several more minutes. Take delight in your pleasure. Now, put a little spit in the palm of your hand and continue to stroke yourself slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace. I want you to keep doing this until… You have to call me, ease down from that edge, and we’ll begin again as I instruct you in an erotic Guided Masturbation Phone Sex session.