Humiliated sissy slut

A humiliated sissy slut is almost always the top of my favorite humiliation addicts.

(the sissy sluts, pain sluts, and sph boys) — They are always so eager to come out and be posted everywhere. They want their story told and I am more than eager to tell it!

Here is the newest addition to my humiliated sissy slut collection and her story:

It’s pathetic, I know. But I am helpless to stop playing with my little clitty. Everyday, I try to stop…to not touch myself. But I cannot stop. I think of forced sissification fantasies and I end up sexually aroused. Then it’s no use and I cum. It doesn’t matter if I am at work, home or out in public. I WILL eventually find a secret place and make myself cum from it.

I am devoured by my own secret desires to be slowly and irrevocably sissified.

And it makes me play with myself every single day. I suppose the most humiliating thing I’ve ever experienced was in college. A girl, Georgette Markel, discovered my hidden secrets – that I like girls panties and being tied up, glued, taped, etc.

She had me all sexually aroused and persuaded me to put on her panties, pantyhose, etc. No clothes…just lingerie.

I was physically shaking I was so scared but horny. She sprayed a can of foam in a cheap pair of high heel boots and coaxed me to slip my feet in…teasing me of great sex to come. I felt dizzy with fear and sex. She tied a scarf over my eyes and bound my wrists behind me. I followed her down the hall and outside. She kept threatening to scream if I tried to stop her!

She led me far away from her dorm and freed my hands. Then she took off running into the night . Eventually, I took off my blind fold when I suspected she was gone. I was in the middle of the commons and no one was around. She left my pants with me but I couldn’t get the boots off – I was stuck in hardened foam. And my pants wouldn’t go on over the boots.

I was in her panties, pantyhose, high heeled boots, a bra and my face was made up like a whore. I had to walk all the way across campus to my dorm room and past all the rooms to my own.

She had taken my dorm key from my pants and I had to walk all the way back to her room and beg outside her window to let me in! Even writing about this has me too far over the edge and I will have to cum from it! If I could stop, I would. But I can’t.

Deep down in side, I don’t want to stop playing with my clitty and fantasizing of being a controlled and humiliated sissy!


Who else is ready to be outted, exposed and humiliated?! You crave humiliation and I crave to humiliate you.