New Slut Toy for Mistress Lillith

Anytime my stable acquires a new humiliation addict or slut to play with, I get a wicked grin on my face and I chuckle in delight.

Always nice to wake up to someone that has followed through with a humiliation assignment they have been given or purchased in PPV form.

I read the note attached to this new little dicked humiliation slut’s message and it seems that ever since he KNEW what masturbation was he was just finding ways to stroke and play with his little nubbin. LOL little dicked boys can never get enough stroking because they can never know what it feels to have a full load, a full release…those only happen to the well-endowed boys.

Seems like this new fuck toy is going to be an interesting one to play with. A wide range of options and kinks to choose from and a plethora of avenues to explore. From masturbating to blurry channels, to fantasizing about ‘very passable’ shemales, to now being interested in sissy training.

My new little slut toy is going to be in for one hell of a ride.


Dear Mistress Lillith,

                I have been addicted to playing with my dick for quite a while now.

I started masturbating fairly early and was the kind of kid who would watch scrambled cable channels to try to see something. It started simple enough; sexy scenes on TV, hot music videos, pinup models, etc. Well, once I got internet it started escalating. I think the first thing I looked up was porn. It was a gradual build-up of different new slut toy for mistress lillithkinks. Started with the simple things like straight stuff, different ethnicities, and lesbians. Then two things really caught a hold of me. Femdom and (very passable) shemale/transgender porn.

These things seem to push all the right buttons. I used to spend hours gooning to ppv femdom clips. It has even led me to the point where I masturbate, but I don’t even really want to cum anymore.

I mean, physically I do, but once I cum I almost feel bad.

Like I could have gone longer without cumming. Of course, I can get over that as long as I have a dominant woman giving me permission in some form, like the femdom videos. This has led to many other things like CEI, orgasm denial, and wearing a chastity device sometimes.

As far as my most humiliating moment. I really can’t think of one. I have had moments when I did something dumb and was embarrassed or messed up a play during a game, something smaller like that. But nothing like getting caught in a compromising situation with everyone point and laughing and I hated my life because of it.

I am almost always thinking about the next time I can do something erotic. It doesn’t even have to be specifically masturbating either, anymore. Lately I have been getting the urges to try some feminization. I found your blog, got clicking around, and am kind of interested in the sissy school. I don’t know if I would get through all 12 steps, but I am getting more interested and excited by the thought of trying it. I just never thought I would be into something like that, but for some reason I might be.

Thank you for your time. Time to go take a picture.


Are you interested in being an addition to my humiliation addicts stable of fetish loving stroker boys and girls? Let’s see if you can truly handle it.

Chat soon stroker boys