Ryan is Still a Little Dicked Slut

Look who is back! Ryan and his tiny little microscopic friend – his little dick. Do you know how long he’s needed to send a new picture? I know he has a roommate that he has to hide from for his exposed and humiliating tasks. Wonder what his roommate would think if he found this photo online.

Its no secret that those humiliated on my femdom blogs and websites have paid for the placement. – however, let it be known that Ryan here, actually paid MORE than usual for the blog post. HAHA He begged for it and sent this little note along with it.

To make it more interesting he had 7 days to get the photo to me or the fee would double and he would still be expected to send in a photo. There is no way to back out of public humiliation and degradation when Im involved. There are fees to post and much larger fees to remove, but the humiliation will happen one way or another. Many of you humiliation addicts need just that….to be pushed into positions that make you feel just as small as your little dick – just like Ryan’s here.

He hasn’t had his previous posts removed – Check them out:

Continued Humiliation of Ryan

Face of a Humiliation Slave


And now for the ultra clear, well lit photos. He thinks the wig hids him…Id be willing to bet if someone knew him that found themselves on my site, would know it’s him. Any past girlfriends would know for the simple fact that

they have to squint their eyes to see it. HAHAHAHA He was so hard trying to take the photo he was instructed to freeze those little monkey balls in ice water first to tame his miniscule erection. He isn’t a show-er and he isn’t a grower either. HAHAHA. Tiny little dicks are at least good for a laugh. Im still cracking up over it!

Yes Ryan, you are still a slut. Will always be slut, and there is nothing you can do to change that. You are exposed for the tiny little dicked humiliation addict slut that you are. Now, let’s talk about getting another video of you up here…the public wants it, and I demand it.

Your humiliation is my pleasure.