Cum Restriction VS Chastity

Some may have this idea that cum restriction and chastity training are one in the same-that both terms are interchangeable. While they bear some similarities and in *SOME* cases can in fact be interchangeable (based on the training you are undergoing), that is not always the case.

Cum Restriction

When I have decided you are on cum restriction. It means that your orgasms are limited or denied but there are certain milestones that you could hit that would allow for you to release and enjoy an intense orgasm.

When I first put you on cum restriction I would give you specific assignments to complete and you would have a daily log to fill out that may include things like length of time you were stroking your cock, amount of cum you spewed out –provided you were permitted a release that day, and other things for you to check in with.

You may be restricted from touching that little dick of yours completely, or you may be instructed to edge several times a day until I decided you’ve been tortured enough with tease and denial and orgasm edging.

Cum Restriction involves a bit more sincerity simply because it is NOT locked in a chastity device like a cock cage or cb-6000. You have to be completely honest with mistress when doing Cum Restriction. A lot involves self control. Some cock stroking addicts have it, others do not.

Cum Restriction PPV

Chastity Training

When you are locked in chastity, there is very little touching (if at all) when it comes to that cock and there is ZERO cumming until/unless you are being let out of the device.

When I train I am a keyholder and I also utilize the serial number locks (the ones that are one time use…the only way to get it off is to cut it off)~

You still have certain check ins you need to do…for example if I request a photo of your chastity belt next to the day’s news paper or whatever I happen to request you will only have a certain number of hours to turn in the requested photo or you risk punishment that varies based on your personalized chastity training program.

You also still have certain assignments that you need to accomplish. But, chastity training is that…once you are locked you don’t get to unlock unless your mistress has given you permission to do so.

I should also add that ONLY the mistress that has locked you up has the ability to unlock you. NEVER come to me asking for permission of release if I am not the one that locked you up. That is disrespectful and punishment or dismissal may come about…and nothing is more pathetic than a dismissed slave stuck in chastity. 😉

30 Day Chastity Training Program

Training for Both

You can draw similarities from both (such as the seemingly endless game of tease and denial — something I enjoy immensely when locking up a cock), and again in some cases cum restriction and chastity training can be interchangeable…but more often than not they are two different programs.

Luckily for you, I am well versed in both and offer both cum restriction training and personalize chastity training programs – via ppv and phone training

Each has its own levels of difficulty, the question is…which one is right for you?

Cum Restriction and Chastity Training with Mistress Lillith
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