Tiny Dicks Forced to Suck Cock

It is VERY clear that you have a less than adequate cock size. Hell, Im not even sure you can CALL what you have a cock.

And yet, time and time again, I hear you wanting to ‘plow some broad’ and you like to boast about ‘what a stud’ you are.

You are just blowing smoke dear. Because NO GIRL, even the ones feeling sorry for you, would EVER let you ‘plow’ them. Hell, I don’t even think you could. Plowing means that you are ramming a cock in there, you are pounding a pussy, tearing it up—and with that little tic-tac nubbit you have between your legs, you won’t be plowing anything. LOL.

You have this ‘macho’ persona but you know that its just a façade. You are not a real man, are you tiny dick boy?

I have a special system for rating and grading real cocks and pathetic peepee’s from grades to comparisons. Where do you fall? And be honest–

Cock Grading Part 1:

Cock Grading Part 2:

Cock Grading Part 3:

Cock Grading Part 4:

Cock Grading Bundle 1-4:

SPH Comparison Assignment:

That is just the first step – of course the next step is to really put you in your place.

Your place is on your knees—not gawking at a tight wet pussy, but rather a big swinging heavy cock.

You need to be coerced and perhaps forced to suck a real cock to know what a real cock looks like and feels like.

I’ll turn your tiny little puny Vienna sausage self – into a cum guzzling cock sucking faggot. You seem to have an obsession with big cocks, thinking yours is huge…but its not…and Im going to show you what a REAL cock is.

And beyond turning you into a fluffer and cock sucker, Im going to turn you into a cuckold – so you can see what a real cock does to a woman when she is ‘plowed’ by it. Women only want real cocks. Just another way to put you in your place.

This will be a new world for you tiny dicked cock sucker – one that you will be forced to love. Get ready…Open wide~

Forced Cock Sucking, Cuckold Fantasies,

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