Your cock and ball pain IS my pleasure

It’s time for you to strap that humbler on and be forced to kneel before me…or risk the agonizing, pain and torture of your cock and balls.

I am talking about cock and ball torture. If you ever ask me ‘what my favorite thing to do is’ (as much as I loathe that question), this would certainly make top 3.

You make think you have an empty room, with no actual sex toys. But when it comes to CBT, I see candy store.

I see a hairbrush and I see 3 different ways to use it against yourself, I see shoes and shoe laces, toothbrushes and toothpaste, q-tips, cords and various other objects.

Go into the kitchen and there are utensils, and food objects like olive oil, cayenne or ginger…and some of my favorite frozen items.

You don’t always need all the fun little sex toys like the humbler, or bovine castration rings (although it IS a ton of fun WITH THEM). CBT is versatile. Many ways to make you scream out in pain, while I gush with pleasure.

I really enjoy seeing the pain in your eyes, and hearing it in your voice.

Are you ready to turn into my little pain slut? Don’t be frightened…well, actually…maybe you should be.

Of course if I am not around, OR you like to play privately — I have 5 CBT Instructional audios with the list of the items you need for it.


CBT Instructional 1: Snap to It
Are you a pain slut seeking some instructional cock and ball torture?
Get ready to experience 11:41 minutes of ‘snapping’ good cock and ball torture.

CBT Instructional 2: In Hot Water
Are you in HOT or COLD water with your mistress? Well naughty stroker sluts that need their balls and cock tortured are sure to find out with this instructional MP3 —

CBT Instructional 3: Smashing Good Time
Time to have a SMASHING good time with your cock and balls…or perhaps a smashingly painful time? I guess it depends on the point of view–

CBT Instructional 4: Aching Muscles, Burning Balls
How long have you been teasing and denying yourself. Have some blue balls and aching muscles? Theres ways to help those aching muscles…but in your case it can help–or make it worse

CBT Instructional 5: Cleaning your Dirty Dick
Who knows how dirty that dick really is. Time to clean it, and you know what they say — if it doesnt burn its not clean.Get ready to enjoy (or wince) with 15:43 minutes of cock and ball torture while Mistress instructs you on how to clean that dirty dick.

CBT Bundle: All 5 MP3’s and Instructions over an hours worth of instruction
This Bundle includes 5 Of my CBT Instructional Audios–It includes: “Snap to it”, “In Hot Water”, “Smashing Good Time” , “Aching Muscles” and “Clean your dirty dick”

All of the audios combined are 62:26 minutes in length (over an HOUR of cock and ball torture)

Also includes the entire list of items you would need for each, you could put them into a play and loop them together quite nicely. FYI if you are into tease and denial, play ‘clean your dirty dick’ last and play ‘in hot water’ just before that one. 😉 The rest play in order.



Enjoy my little pain sluts!

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