The face of a true humiliation slave

I’ve posted this particular humiliation slave of mine in the past — He is one of my favorite little humiliation sluts. (2 years later and he is STILL being humiliated and slave trained by me)

~Ryan the Humiliation SlaveHe is one that is always up for a new humiliation assignment…no matter WHAT the task. Ryan happens to be gearing up to move into a new place and I know that I can’t wait for that move to be complete.

I have a laundry list of things for him to do the minute he does. From cum bucket collections, to his first video appearance and more. I often say to be careful what you wish for — and he still keeps wishing and begging — and I get to turn the heat up more and more.

Nothing makes a humiliatrix happier than being able to turn the cheeks of a humiliation slave bright red with embarrassment!

He had this to say:

Ran the Humiliation Slave “We inferior slaves have many perversions, but to me the ultimate in humiliation and submission is to be exhibited publicly to the whole world ,my submission ,my total commitment to Mistress Lillith. It’s exciting, edgy, shameful and scary but also a huge sexy thrill all together at the same time. It does put your submission to the test – how far will you demean yourself for your Mistress.”

He as well as others can certainly attest to the humiliation tasks and assignments that I hand out during our humiliation phone sex calls or email training.

One thing to be aware of … you will not get a new one until the first one is complete. I like proof, I LIKE humiliation addicts that LIKE attention. Know that I will never post a picture without prior agreements in some form or fashion.

For those seeking exposure on my blog, know that it’s not just GIVEN to anyone. You either (1) Pay for it or (2) Entertain me to the point that I WANT to expose you. Ryan is one that has earned the right to be exposed.

I have many things in store for Ryan…I hope he is still ready ~ 😉

Building and crush my slaves

Verbal degradation and extreme humiliation are among some of my favorite avenues to destroy you and tear you down. You are nothing more than a lowly pathetic piece of shit slave and you need to know your place…you should be bent over licking and worshiping the dirt because even IT is higher than you.

Ensuring that you feel just as small as that puny little pecker is a delicacy I crave.

Crushing you can come in the form of CBT or in the form of mental destruction and mind fuckery — I will crush you, I will crush you like the bug you are.

I know I act like an entitled mean little bitch – and Im ok with that. You will still treat me with the upmost respect. Because crushing my slaves and submissives is the only way to train them properly…it’s the only way to train YOU properly.

Once I have you down in the dirt, flopping around– feeling worthless and insecure…I will begin to mold you and build you back up into the poster slave boy.

This is for your good, and for my benefit. Just accept it as your responsibility to serving your mistress.

You live to serve, you live to obey, you live to belong to Mistress Lillith.