Continuation of the Humiliation of Ryan

A testament to a good humiliatrix is when you see the reoccurrence of a humiliation slut over a period of time. I first posted about Ryan back in 2014 and continue to find new humiliation tasks for him to complete. I am always incredibly fond of  that actually complete a task that has been given to them and Ryan has absolutely grown in the past 2 years.

What started off as taking a few photos here and there has now morphed into adding a video tasks. This is just the start of it. Eventually ,he will move to a new place and then will be able to start checking off the long list of tasks he has the moment he gets a chance to disappear.

*I am in the process of editing the video now but will post it soon, he was told to edge this evening until I added the blog post with the pictures I took this evening during our humiliation phone sex session (I am wondering how long he has been edging at this point)*

HAHA I loved how he popped his little booty, first I made him meow like a pussy…then made him bark like the submissive bitch he is.

The top photo was when I had Ryan take that tiny little pecker and tuck it back behind…you couldn’t even tell he was a boy here. It was difficult for him because he was so aroused from the exposure he was suffering but he still completed the task because little humiliation slut Ryan will not let his mistress down.

Your Porn Addiction Counselor

From a very young age you have always wanted to grab the next adult magazine that you could find. You discovered your Dad’s collection and have been obsessed by the female form, female masturbation and sexual acts all together. What is it about porn that draws you to it? That has you so enthralled with it?

As time goes on, you start your own collection of magazines – getting anxious every time the newest edition comes out. Then you step inside adult book stores and go from magazines to videos, from videos to the internet and from there you start to grow a different kind of addition. An addiction to phone sex.

Some days the urge is so undeniable that you break out in cold sweats just waiting for the next opportunity to indulge in your porn addiction. You’ve called into work because of your late night sexcapades with yourself, your phone mistress and your favorite porno. You’ve went home early for your next fix, hell you’ve snuck into the bathroom for your next fix.

While I will never lay claim to helping you cure yourself of your porn addiction, as a subservient pet of mine, I can certainly help you control it.

That is because I control you.

In controlling you I will control your porn addiction. I decide when you’ve had enough, I decide when you need more. I will either grow the addiction, satisfy the porn addiction or will keep it at bay. It’s part of the game that kink councilors often like to play. But, it is also a game that makes humiliated porn addicts like you

We can start simple: How old were you when your porn addiction started? How often do you indulge? What KIND of porn do you like to look at and watch?

Grab your favorite porn and give your favorite intelligent fem dom mistress a call to see the type of treatment that is right for you.