I want you to Humiliate and Expose me Mistress

I want you to humiliate and expose me Mistress.

I bet you do. But do you have what it takes to be humiliated and exposed like one of my devoted humiliation and exposure pets?

Ryan has been an attention whore for quite some time and he has been making some strides and has grown beautifully with regards to his humiliating path.

Simply put: he does what he is told. Without question, without hesitation.

Truthfully the more humiliating the task the more he is up for it, and he has yet to disappointment.

I love my humiliation addicts and he certainly ranks up there at the top. I’ve featured him a couple of times in my blog.

I’ve had a few say that they are ‘better than’ my other humiliation pets and honestly haven’t been able to prove it. LOL. Proof is in the pudding dear. If you want to be better, you will have to come up with and show me better. Although, he has been serving me for some time now and with the history of knowing how far I can push him…it would be difficult for you to even touch the surface.

But, it’s certainly a goal to reach towards. Some plans I have for Ryan this year are CFNM excursions and recordings, cum eating tasks, stripping down and maybe even tossing that wig and several other affirmations that he will be repeating this coming year. Where else can we take you, Ryan? I have several deviant, humiliating ideas…if you are up for the task.

What humiliating tasks would you give my pet? Let’s make him dance like the little puppet he is! And enjoy his first video introduction to the world (even though he has had pictures posted 😉 )

Do you want to be humiliated and exposed?

  • Be interesting
  • Call and have a session, and then pay MORE for the humiliation. Yes, you have to be further humiliated by being forced to pay for humiliation after our call (OR we can do the humiliation and exposure call, and while still on the phone all the editing and posting can take place…I charge for my time and I don’t do freebies for two pump chumps lol)
  • Also, understand that you are required to acknowledge you are being recorded and give me rights to do with the recording as I please…there is no going back and no undoing. IF you want it deleted you would have to pay for my time and that is a flat $150 tribute to have it taken down, and you understand that sometimes it can take a while to completely clear off of Google’s servers after deleted. BUT since I have the rights to it, I’m really just doing you a favor…and that will always cost you. LOL. My humiliation slut Ryan has never had us remove his posts. LOL

Two steps and an understanding and you can be on your way indulging in your humiliation addiction with your Humiliatrix Lillith.