A Cocksucker’s RECORDED Confession

Every so often I find a pet that I can really sink my teeth into. One that I can really use, abuse and destroy for my benefit. LOL

If you have seen some of the blackmail and exposure games I have played with this pet, if you have ever followed along, you know how fucked he is if I ever decide to just release everything and be done with him.

This cocksucking cum guzzling blackmailed bitch of a faggot doesn’t stand a chance. He will be FOREVER in debt to me.

One day I had a nice surprise for him – one that just kept on giving. I guess people generally see surprises as something sweet and fun. Well…I certainly thought it was sweet and fun. LOL Even if it was at his expense.

He managed to get himself into trouble that day, popping off at the mouth where he should not have – and he paid dearly for it.

I had a special guest on the phone with us during a draining session – and he was beside himself. He made all sorts of confessions and statements – little did he know – it was all caught on a recording. HAHA He knows know that it was recorded I sent it to him afterward – there is NO denying his cocksucking ways any longer.

I decided to share his humiliation and cocksucking confession with the world … want to hear what he said?

Yes, I use his demise and humiliation for my own personal and financial gain…he knows where he belongs in life, he knows this is his place and duty. He knows his worth is as much as he can give me and how much of him I can destroy. LOL

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