A Cuckold Husband’s Obligation

You should feel incredibly lucky to be with a woman of my stature. To simply be in my presence is enough to bring all men to their knees. You know just how lucky you are.

When we walk in a room you can see the men nearly break their necks trying to get a peek at me. They want to indulge in every last inch of me. From the tip of my stiletto shoes to the top of my gorgeous black hair—and everything in between.

When you really take a look in the mirror…do you think you deserve to be allowed to call yourself mine? You know you could never really measure up to these real men that you come into contact with. And you know you could never truly fulfill my sexual desires.

First let’s look at that tiny little cockette

It’s not a cock, it even makes me laugh to think of it as a penis. There are expectations that I have and you clearly do not measure up to those expectations. A woman like me needs to be well taken care of in ALL areas (I’m sure you know what I mean). Sure, you are fantastic with your tongue. But there are times I want to ride that cock until you are exhausted and sore and that’s just not going to happen if I can’t even FEEL it.

So why DO I stick with you?

Like most cuckold husbands, I stick with you because you are a decent provider. I do enjoy you spoiling me and giving me the materialistic things that I desire. That is always a plus.

Beyond that, you DO provide some form of entertainment for me.

There are other reasons you stick around and I allow you to…some times it’s out of pity, and other times it’s because I know it is YOU that needs me so you will fight to do ANYTHING to make me happy.

Even if that means allowing my male friends to come over and fuck me while you watch. That is your obligation.

You have to :

Make sure my lingerie collection stays refreshed so I can entice these boys

Seek out suitable partners for me when we go out to a bar or even at a dinner party

Sometimes you have to provide the pleasure for my lovers as a way to ‘warm them up’ for me or to just get them off If im not in the mood

Sometimes you have to provide the clean up services as well – and quite frankly what cuckold husband WOULDN’T want to have a chance to get near this pussy? Even if you have to clean the spunk out in exchange.

Those are just a few of your cuckold obligations. No matter how humiliating you may think it is. I’m sure from time to time you are hesitant. But, It is all for the best dear. You choose this cuckold lifestyle and quite frankly what choice do you have?

I have to stay satisfied and you my ever loving cuckold husband…will do whatever it takes to ensure I am just that.

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