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I can’t hurt your pride, but I can hurt your Cock and Balls

I’m not entirely sure what you are asking when you beg for me to hurt your pride.

What pride could you possibly possess? How can I hurt something that you don’t actually have? How could you have pride?


You have no pride to hurt — BUT I can think of othere ways to hurt you.

You may beg me to hurt your pride but the only reason you haven’t met the right bitch domme to tear you down to the insignificant speck that you are…is because you HAVE no pride and you are ALREADY the lowest of the low.


You are ALREADY that pathetic, useless, insignificant speck.

What the fuck do you want further? You want it to hurt? Again – you whiny waste of space, you have nothing TO hurt. You are useless, lowly…no redeeming qualities to you – you are a waste of mine and everyone else’s time.

Trying to get some action against that tiny little dick? Your pathetic pecker isn’t a source of pride at all.

But, no matter how small a puny pee-pee is…I can always make THAT hurt. If you want some physical pain, oh my dear, I can find a way (several) to make you squirm and scream out begging for me to stop.

Cock and ball torture is certainly something that makes my mouth drool. Even if you don’t have something that is worthy of the title ‘COCK’

But, cock and ball torture isn’t really PRIDE is it. Give yourself 5 good wacks right now.

How does your pride feel? You can’t feel it…but your balls do. Because you have no pride!

Take a few moments to really think about what you are asking when you say ‘Mistress, Hurt my pride’ you have no pride to hurt, just your pathetic cock and balls.

You want Mistress to hurt you? I’ll be glad to…just don’t make mention of some semblance of pride that is none existent for a pathetic piss ant like you.