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Tales from a Humiliatrix: Bruised Legs and Bruised Ego

Want the summary? He fucked the pie, then fucking fell. He was bruised on his body, and his ego is definitely damaged

Some stories write themselves. Some humiliation experiences happen on their own and those are LITERALLY the best. (When I see or hear someone say/type literally in all caps like that I hear the voice of Rob Lowe’s character Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec).

I can spend hours doling out humiliating task after humiliating task. I have the creativity to make sure you are doing that monkey dance for quite a while for my entertainment. But, sometimes…the universe is a kind mistress…or twisted mistress…or cruel mistress…and she entertains us with her own twisted sense of humor.

I wish I would have had pictures or video of this particular experience this evening. It started out as your typical: I’ll do whatever humiliating task you want me to do Mistress Lillith.

Then I saw the offerings.

He had a 6 inch purple dildo, a pair of crotchless panties, a bottle of lube, a coconut cream pie, a can of whip cream and a jar of cherries.

He was in the bathroom because apparently that is easier to clean up afterwards. I wanted to savor the moment and didn’t want to get to the pie too quickly – but let’s face it, even I was craving that moment it would all come together. I was laughing at the images I was curating in my own mind as we went through some of the items I was having him use.

Let me add in, that any submissive humiliation addict that takes initiative such as this one took, is sure to produce ample smiles and laughs from me. He was in it to have some serious fun.

As luck would have it, he had a little too much lube on his hand when he went to grab more. The bottle fell and spilled everywhere.

This is where it all started. The dropping of the lube. We did engage in some play with the dildo since the ‘dropping of the soap’ was pictured. This subbie pet was given permission to lay a towel down on the ground. The lubrication was everywhere, he decided he would deal with it later. Silicone based lubes seem to take a bit more elbow grease to clean than water based. LOL.

The dancing, and the dildos and the cherries … did not compare to the humiliating blow of Mistress Universe. LOL

He was adjusting the cam, trying so hard to keep his face out of view but keep his lower half and pie in clear site. He goes to rest his foot on the side of the tub so he could have an anchor to really pound that pie like I was wanting him to do.

Then. He. Fucking. Fell.

His foot had stepped in the lube but hadn’t been cleaned off, he slipped on the side of the tub, he tried to gain his balance but his other foot moved the towel out of the way so he was slipping on the pile of lube he dropped. There was this slow motion scooby doo kind of action going.

Actually, made for even more hilarious hip action with the pie. I gave him kudos for keeping the concentration there.

Then he on his ass, kind of on his back. One leg bent-over, in the tub. The other on the floor and coconut cream basically covering his upper thighs to his stomach.

I nearly died laughing. I couldn’t contain myself.

I’m positive he will have a few marks left over from tonight. A bruised ego and bruised back and legs.

I told him I was going to blog the story tonight – how could I not? Even now, I’m finding myself having to catch my breath.

It’s like my caller had two humiliatrix dommes playing tonight. Myself and the Universe. We make a wicked combination. LOL

Poor Jeff. He definitely has a spot for most entertaining humiliation pet and will have it for a while. Im not likely to forget ANY of this evening’s humiliation session.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE being a humiliatrix?

Want to see if you can top it and entertain me with your humiliating antics? What is the most humiliating experience you’ve ever had? Comment below or give me a call 😉 Let’s playCall Mistress Lillith for phone sex on