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CFNM Humiliation Piggy Play thing

When I tell him to oink – he ask’s how much.

When I give him an assignment – he completes it.

Ran has been a longtime play thing of mine. After months of re-training and re-conditioning he is ready to once again be placed on a mantel of play things and be up for display for others to see.

He knows and understands that his words mean nothing – I want ACTION.

He drips while I drain him. He has a beaker that we’ve been collecting his dribbling in while I make him oink time and time again – sending more and more money with each and every oink.

It is quite delightful seeing a physical response to draining his account time and time again. Even more so when we are engaged in a cam to cam CFNM session (coupled with humiliation and financial domination) – some times the intensity for him is overwhelming and he is stunned and frozen in place.

Chastity is the next step for my pet. He has earned the right to a locking ceremony that will commence in February and he will embark on his first run and experience with chastity. He is already teased and denied relentlessly. Now time to add a more physical component. Adding to the sexual frustration and building on his subspace and devotion towards me.

He’s been a good humiliation piggy this far – I cant wait to show him off as he continues to develop.

He prioritizes his Mistress. He lives to serve me. He knows that I give him his purpose. He does what he is told – without question and without hesitation.

When you get to the bottom of reading this little piggy – go oink for Mistress.

I’ll be waiting.

Ryan is Still a Little Dicked Slut

Look who is back! Ryan and his tiny little microscopic friend – his little dick. Do you know how long he’s needed to send a new picture? I know he has a roommate that he has to hide from for his exposed and humiliating tasks. Wonder what his roommate would think if he found this photo online.

Its no secret that those humiliated on my femdom blogs and websites have paid for the placement. – however, let it be known that Ryan here, actually paid MORE than usual for the blog post. HAHA He begged for it and sent this little note along with it.

To make it more interesting he had 7 days to get the photo to me or the fee would double and he would still be expected to send in a photo. There is no way to back out of public humiliation and degradation when Im involved. There are fees to post and much larger fees to remove, but the humiliation will happen one way or another. Many of you humiliation addicts need just that….to be pushed into positions that make you feel just as small as your little dick – just like Ryan’s here.

He hasn’t had his previous posts removed – Check them out:

Continued Humiliation of Ryan


Yes Ryan, you are still a slut. Will always be slut, and there is nothing you can do to change that. You are exposed for the tiny little dicked humiliation addict slut that you are. Now, let’s talk about getting another video of you up here…the public wants it, and I demand it.

Your humiliation is my pleasure.

A Cocksucker’s RECORDED Confession

Every so often I find a pet that I can really sink my teeth into. One that I can really use, abuse and destroy for my benefit. LOL

If you have seen some of the blackmail and exposure games I have played with this pet, if you have ever followed along, you know how fucked he is if I ever decide to just release everything and be done with him.

This cocksucking cum guzzling blackmailed bitch of a faggot doesn’t stand a chance. He will be FOREVER in debt to me.

One day I had a nice surprise for him – one that just kept on giving. I guess people generally see surprises as something sweet and fun. Well…I certainly thought it was sweet and fun. LOL Even if it was at his expense.

He managed to get himself into trouble that day, popping off at the mouth where he should not have – and he paid dearly for it.

I had a special guest on the phone with us during a draining session – and he was beside himself. He made all sorts of confessions and statements – little did he know – it was all caught on a recording. HAHA He knows know that it was recorded I sent it to him afterward – there is NO denying his cocksucking ways any longer.

I decided to share his humiliation and cocksucking confession with the world … want to hear what he said?

Yes, I use his demise and humiliation for my own personal and financial gain…he knows where he belongs in life, he knows this is his place and duty. He knows his worth is as much as he can give me and how much of him I can destroy. LOL

Erotic Confession: Stevie Sucks Shemale Cock

Good afternoon Mistress Lillith,

So, drunk Stevie was online 3 weeks ago and stumbled upon a Gorgeous Lady on Backpack. i quickly called Her and took a cab to Her location. Now, i am a whore, i jump from Mistress to Mistress both online and real time.

So, I knock on the door, told to hand over my tribute and strip. Mistress attaches a rope to my cage and ties my arms to Her bed posts as i am Kneeling with my arms stretched in front of Her bed. She then says that i better suck Her cock good or else. She lowers Her skirt and there it is… A real cock.

I pleaded no, said I didn’t know She was a Shemale and She shoved Her cock in my mouth.

Corner of my eye I see another Shemale Diva come out with Her phone, snapping pictures and taking video. Long story short, i was spit roasted and will see Them again in July when they come back to town, otherwise, my wife will get some odd emails and text messages.




Well Stevie my dear, sounds like whiskey makes you a little frisky doesn’t it? Seems as though you may have begged for them to stop and yet I bet that tiny little dick of yours was rock hard with excitement.

Im not 100% convinced that you met up with a shemale mistress by accident. I find it more easy to believe that they were everything you had hoped and desired. Looking for an exotic woman — ones with tits and dicks.

Im thinking you enjoyed EVERY FUCKING MINUTE of it didn’t you, you little cocksucker?

Well, for what it is worth, drunk Stevie certainly sounds like FUN Stevie…and based on our conversation yesterday — I can affirm that drunk Stevie is FUN stevie. I can’t wait to see what fun July will bring you.


Got a naughty erotic confession that you would like to make? Send it through the page above and then give me a call to discuss it — if the confession is juicy enough you may see it right here for all others to see your dirty secrets exposed


I want you to Humiliate and Expose me Mistress

I want you to humiliate and expose me Mistress.

I bet you do. But do you have what it takes to be humiliated and exposed like one of my devoted humiliation and exposure pets?

Ryan has been an attention whore for quite some time and he has been making some strides and has grown beautifully with regards to his humiliating path.

Simply put: he does what he is told. Without question, without hesitation.

Truthfully the more humiliating the task the more he is up for it, and he has yet to disappointment.

I love my humiliation addicts and he certainly ranks up there at the top. I’ve featured him a couple of times in my blog.

I’ve had a few say that they are ‘better than’ my other humiliation pets and honestly haven’t been able to prove it. LOL. Proof is in the pudding dear. If you want to be better, you will have to come up with and show me better. Although, he has been serving me for some time now and with the history of knowing how far I can push him…it would be difficult for you to even touch the surface.

But, it’s certainly a goal to reach towards. Some plans I have for Ryan this year are CFNM excursions and recordings, cum eating tasks, stripping down and maybe even tossing that wig and several other affirmations that he will be repeating this coming year. Where else can we take you, Ryan? I have several deviant, humiliating ideas…if you are up for the task.

What humiliating tasks would you give my pet? Let’s make him dance like the little puppet he is! And enjoy his first video introduction to the world (even though he has had pictures posted 😉 )

Do you want to be humiliated and exposed?

  • Be interesting
  • Call and have a session, and then pay MORE for the humiliation. Yes, you have to be further humiliated by being forced to pay for humiliation after our call (OR we can do the humiliation and exposure call, and while still on the phone all the editing and posting can take place…I charge for my time and I don’t do freebies for two pump chumps lol)
  • Also, understand that you are required to acknowledge you are being recorded and give me rights to do with the recording as I please…there is no going back and no undoing. IF you want it deleted you would have to pay for my time and that is a flat $150 tribute to have it taken down, and you understand that sometimes it can take a while to completely clear off of Google’s servers after deleted. BUT since I have the rights to it, I’m really just doing you a favor…and that will always cost you. LOL. My humiliation slut Ryan has never had us remove his posts. LOL

Two steps and an understanding and you can be on your way indulging in your humiliation addiction with your Humiliatrix Lillith.

Continuation of the Humiliation of Ryan

A testament to a good humiliatrix is when you see the reoccurrence of a humiliation slut over a period of time. I first posted about Ryan back in 2014 and continue to find new humiliation tasks for him to complete. I am always incredibly fond of  that actually complete a task that has been given to them and Ryan has absolutely grown in the past 2 years.

What started off as taking a few photos here and there has now morphed into adding a video tasks. This is just the start of it. Eventually ,he will move to a new place and then will be able to start checking off the long list of tasks he has the moment he gets a chance to disappear.

*I am in the process of editing the video now but will post it soon, he was told to edge this evening until I added the blog post with the pictures I took this evening during our humiliation phone sex session (I am wondering how long he has been edging at this point)*

HAHA I loved how he popped his little booty, first I made him meow like a pussy…then made him bark like the submissive bitch he is.

The top photo was when I had Ryan take that tiny little pecker and tuck it back behind…you couldn’t even tell he was a boy here. It was difficult for him because he was so aroused from the exposure he was suffering but he still completed the task because little humiliation slut Ryan will not let his mistress down.

Your Porn Addiction Counselor

From a very young age you have always wanted to grab the next adult magazine that you could find. You discovered your Dad’s collection and have been obsessed by the female form, female masturbation and sexual acts all together. What is it about porn that draws you to it? That has you so enthralled with it?

As time goes on, you start your own collection of magazines – getting anxious every time the newest edition comes out. Then you step inside adult book stores and go from magazines to videos, from videos to the internet and from there you start to grow a different kind of addition. An addiction to phone sex.

Some days the urge is so undeniable that you break out in cold sweats just waiting for the next opportunity to indulge in your porn addiction. You’ve called into work because of your late night sexcapades with yourself, your phone mistress and your favorite porno. You’ve went home early for your next fix, hell you’ve snuck into the bathroom for your next fix.

While I will never lay claim to helping you cure yourself of your porn addiction, as a subservient pet of mine, I can certainly help you control it.

That is because I control you.

In controlling you I will control your porn addiction. I decide when you’ve had enough, I decide when you need more. I will either grow the addiction, satisfy the porn addiction or will keep it at bay. It’s part of the game that kink councilors often like to play. But, it is also a game that makes humiliated porn addicts like you

We can start simple: How old were you when your porn addiction started? How often do you indulge? What KIND of porn do you like to look at and watch?

Grab your favorite porn and give your favorite intelligent fem dom mistress a call to see the type of treatment that is right for you.


Masturbation Addict Humiliation

You are quite the little masturbator aren’t you. While people are busy shoving their fists in a turkey’s ass for stuffing, you are busy shoving your cock through your own fist for sexual gratification. It is all you can ever think about. It is all you ever want to do.

All day long you think of the next time you are able to masturbate. In fact, sometimes you can’t wait to be alone so you fake a ‘bathroom emergency’ so you can run off, pull that cock out and start acting like the masturbating monkey you are.

I know your type, I humiliate your type, I OWN your type – a humiliation mistress like me…knows exactly what a masturbation addict like you needs.

Need to run off for your quick stroking fix now? Hopefully, I’m available to make you feel just as small as your little dick is.

New Slut Toy for Mistress Lillith

Anytime my stable acquires a new humiliation addict or slut to play with, I get a wicked grin on my face and I chuckle in delight.

Always nice to wake up to someone that has followed through with a humiliation assignment they have been given or purchased in PPV form.

I read the note attached to this new little dicked humiliation slut’s message and it seems that ever since he KNEW what masturbation was he was just finding ways to stroke and play with his little nubbin. LOL little dicked boys can never get enough stroking because they can never know what it feels to have a full load, a full release…those only happen to the well-endowed boys.

Seems like this new fuck toy is going to be an interesting one to play with. A wide range of options and kinks to choose from and a plethora of avenues to explore. From masturbating to blurry channels, to fantasizing about ‘very passable’ shemales, to now being interested in sissy training.

My new little slut toy is going to be in for one hell of a ride.


Dear Mistress Lillith,

                I have been addicted to playing with my dick for quite a while now.

I started masturbating fairly early and was the kind of kid who would watch scrambled cable channels to try to see something. It started simple enough; sexy scenes on TV, hot music videos, pinup models, etc. Well, once I got internet it started escalating. I think the first thing I looked up was porn. It was a gradual build-up of different new slut toy for mistress lillithkinks. Started with the simple things like straight stuff, different ethnicities, and lesbians. Then two things really caught a hold of me. Femdom and (very passable) shemale/transgender porn.

These things seem to push all the right buttons. I used to spend hours gooning to ppv femdom clips. It has even led me to the point where I masturbate, but I don’t even really want to cum anymore.

I mean, physically I do, but once I cum I almost feel bad.

Like I could have gone longer without cumming. Of course, I can get over that as long as I have a dominant woman giving me permission in some form, like the femdom videos. This has led to many other things like CEI, orgasm denial, and wearing a chastity device sometimes.

As far as my most humiliating moment. I really can’t think of one. I have had moments when I did something dumb and was embarrassed or messed up a play during a game, something smaller like that. But nothing like getting caught in a compromising situation with everyone point and laughing and I hated my life because of it.

I am almost always thinking about the next time I can do something erotic. It doesn’t even have to be specifically masturbating either, anymore. Lately I have been getting the urges to try some feminization. I found your blog, got clicking around, and am kind of interested in the sissy school. I don’t know if I would get through all 12 steps, but I am getting more interested and excited by the thought of trying it. I just never thought I would be into something like that, but for some reason I might be.

Thank you for your time. Time to go take a picture.


Are you interested in being an addition to my humiliation addicts stable of fetish loving stroker boys and girls? Let’s see if you can truly handle it.

Chat soon stroker boys

The face of a true humiliation slave

I’ve posted this particular humiliation slave of mine in the past — He is one of my favorite little humiliation sluts. (2 years later and he is STILL being humiliated and slave trained by me)

~Ryan the Humiliation SlaveHe is one that is always up for a new humiliation assignment…no matter WHAT the task. Ryan happens to be gearing up to move into a new place and I know that I can’t wait for that move to be complete.

I have a laundry list of things for him to do the minute he does. From cum bucket collections, to his first video appearance and more. I often say to be careful what you wish for — and he still keeps wishing and begging — and I get to turn the heat up more and more.

Nothing makes a humiliatrix happier than being able to turn the cheeks of a humiliation slave bright red with embarrassment!

He had this to say:

Ran the Humiliation Slave “We inferior slaves have many perversions, but to me the ultimate in humiliation and submission is to be exhibited publicly to the whole world ,my submission ,my total commitment to Mistress Lillith. It’s exciting, edgy, shameful and scary but also a huge sexy thrill all together at the same time. It does put your submission to the test – how far will you demean yourself for your Mistress.”

He as well as others can certainly attest to the humiliation tasks and assignments that I hand out during our humiliation phone sex calls or email training.

One thing to be aware of … you will not get a new one until the first one is complete. I like proof, I LIKE humiliation addicts that LIKE attention. Know that I will never post a picture without prior agreements in some form or fashion.

For those seeking exposure on my blog, know that it’s not just GIVEN to anyone. You either (1) Pay for it or (2) Entertain me to the point that I WANT to expose you. Ryan is one that has earned the right to be exposed.

I have many things in store for Ryan…I hope he is still ready ~ 😉