CFNM Humiliation Piggy Play thing

When I tell him to oink – he ask’s how much.

When I give him an assignment – he completes it.

Ran has been a longtime play thing of mine. After months of re-training and re-conditioning he is ready to once again be placed on a mantel of play things and be up for display for others to see.

He knows and understands that his words mean nothing – I want ACTION.

He drips while I drain him. He has a beaker that we’ve been collecting his dribbling in while I make him oink time and time again – sending more and more money with each and every oink.

It is quite delightful seeing a physical response to draining his account time and time again. Even more so when we are engaged in a cam to cam CFNM session (coupled with humiliation and financial domination) – some times the intensity for him is overwhelming and he is stunned and frozen in place.

Chastity is the next step for my pet. He has earned the right to a locking ceremony that will commence in February and he will embark on his first run and experience with chastity. He is already teased and denied relentlessly. Now time to add a more physical component. Adding to the sexual frustration and building on his subspace and devotion towards me.

He’s been a good humiliation piggy this far – I cant wait to show him off as he continues to develop.

He prioritizes his Mistress. He lives to serve me. He knows that I give him his purpose. He does what he is told – without question and without hesitation.

When you get to the bottom of reading this little piggy – go oink for Mistress.

I’ll be waiting.

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