CFNM Viewing Party

CFNM Viewing PartyCFNM Viewing Party—

Are you a CFNM fetish lover? I know I am!!

I recently had a RT session with a grouping of mistresses, a couple of switch girls and in the middle was my little humiliation addict.

The party started with him wearing nothing but a collar and cock cage. He showed the ladies of the evening their seats…offered hors d’oeuvres and beverages. He is a well trained house pet. When instructed he was required to put on the silk robe so that the ‘show’ could REALLY begin.

I know that CFNM stands for clothed female naked male…so you’d be wondering why the hell he has a robe on. It was only one for a few moments and it was to signal the beginning of his humiliating entertainment piece.

The collar isn’t really seen as CLOTHING per say, its more or less a show of ownership. This was my pet and he has been collared…he is required to wear that collar whenever in my presence or the presence of another mistress. (and whenever possible)

The cock cage, was to keep that dick of his under control…let’s face it…Seeing all these women in one place is enough to arouse the strongest of minds. He hadn’t been this excited in a while…after all, it was a party arranged in his honor.

So…I snapped my fingers and he briskly put on the black robe.

The lights were dimmed while I a ‘spot light’ was shown in the center of the room.

He stood there…Head down, and I took my whip and made a crack in his direction, his robe falling to the floor.

He undid his cock cage on my command…and to NO ONE’S surprise; it sprung right on up, as miniscule as it was…you could still see his raging erection.

Each girl took her turn going up and THROUROUGLY inspecting him head to toe, giving him a variety of actions from jumping jacks, to bending over and spreading his cheeks…to rocking that cock back and forth.

We laughed and had a good time. I even had him practice some choreographed routines for the girls which they adored!

We will be planning another one very, very soon.

It got me thinking though, how many CFNM Lovers do I have out there. Would you like your own viewing party? I can gather up some mistresses and other girls to watch you on cam while you perform your tasks.

What do you need?

~My SKYPE/Yahoo Id’s

~Your Own Cam so that we can see you on the other end 😉

Let me get you ready for the event, or let’s have an impromptu CFNM viewing party!

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