Cum Eating Assignment

Cum Cubes for my Cum Eaters -- Forced Cum Eating Assignment --
How about some Cum Cubes for my Cum Eaters ~

It’s a nice warm spring day, you open up the windows to air out the house and you start to get the ‘its spring, almost summer’ vibe~ perfect day for a cum eating assignment

You know what today is absolutely perfect for?

I nice cold glass of lemonade with some ice cubes. How special is the lemonade? HAHA well, we’d just have to see about that won’t we…BUT

The REAL treat is the Ice Cubes–er rather, CUM cubes.

That’s right my cum guzzling little cock strokers, we will be making some cum cubes for your glass of lemonade, or glass of any cold drink for that matter.

You have been stroking and collecting that cum for quite some time, you’ve collected it in a shot glass, and you’ve collected it in a spoon~ I’ve even had you squeeze it into your coffee for a special kind of creamer.

NOW you will be undergoing some forced orgasm cock stroking while I make you stroke and cum until every slot in the ice cube tray is nice and full with that hot steamy spunk.

Slip it into the freezer and let it chill until nice and frozen. Perfect cum cubes for a perfect spring day.

Hey and when its hot you can take that cum cube and smear it all over your neck to cool off…and pop one in to just suck on.

HAHAHA I would be THRILLED to SEE you suckling on your cum cubes. (my humiliation pets could take a picture or pop on cam for me to WATCH)

It is spring time a new time for new fun ideas to bloom and blossom, how many addicted cum eaters do I have out there (or soon to be addicted cum eaters) – perhaps you need to be forced to swallow that cum, or just need some coaxing…Lucky for you Mistress Lillith LOVES pushing those limits and boundaries.

Go make yourself a glass, if you need help I’m right here…if not I’ll expect a full report of how your little cum eating assignment went. 😉

Forced Cum Eating and Humiliation with Mistress Lillith
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