Exposed Sissy – Sissy Sienna

I always loving being able to out my sissies – exposing them to the world as the little attention seeking fairy whores they are! Exposed Sissy is the best type of sissy!

I caught me a live one the other day. One that is PERFECT to go right on my blog. A place that once it’s posted…it is NEVER removed. You are there for virtual eternity.

This little slut is Sissy Sienna.

She doesn’t want her friends and family to know that she loves to touch her filthy clitty stick while dressed as a prissy little sissy.

Sissy Sienna says that she has been STEALING and trying on her momma’s clothes since a very, VERY young age. She also sucked cocked at an equally young age with someone that would be considered…taboo. (Sienna is quite the cum dumpster!). She was invited to sleepovers and such, but ONLY to suck cock. She wasn’t ‘one of the boys’—she was just a little clitty cum dumpster that needed to suck dick until they tossed her out.

Sienna started dressing FULL TIME in her 20’s and shaving all over later on (Which leads me to think she was looking like a hairy, beast dressed in drag. What an IMAGE!!)

Sissy Sienna from Cape Coral FloridaSienna did want to go for MORE than just a blog outing so I’ll be posting a craigslist add for her local community to have some fun with her, and tweeting it from my page. She is afraid to go forward but, I am the mistress after all…so I will make that final call.

She was outted to her xwife at one time…and said she was super embarrassed and utterly humiliated. Somehow I have to think that Sienna’s x-wife wasn’t ALL THAT surprised by the little confession. I mean…sienna isn’t a REAL man. It’s kind of a funny thought that she had a wife at ALL. Wonder how she managed that?

I went to her blog and lifted a couple of pictures to show here!

She is from Cape Coral Florida—she wants the cock, and she wants to be outted. Hopefully, with the help of craigslist and twitter and my lovely followers you will all share this blog so that Sissy Sienna can be an outted sissy once and for all. There is no going back…

I’ll update with the next sissy exposure I put out for sissy sienna…perhaps a screen shot of her craigslist add?


Are you wanting to be my next victim for my sissy outting/ public humiliation assignment?

Sissy Outting for Beginners:

Sissy Outting the Next Step:

Ultimate Sissy Outting:


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