Humiliation addicts wanted

Calling all Humiliation Addicts

Are you a pet that enjoys erotic humiliation? I know I certainly do and now there is a place to read about my latest humiliation pet’s right here!

HA—I am amused by how much my pets humiliate themselves – be it with a small pathetic little dick, or you sharing some cuckold story of your wife laying down and taking the cock of a real man while you sit there in your panties and watch—an everything in between. I know the addiction is real…you are just one of the many humiliation addicts out there aren’t you ~ 😉

There are truly a plethora of ways to humiliate cock stroking humiliation addicts like you~

So, some of my favorite calls will be blogged about right here…so that EVERYONE can enjoy and ridicule my humiliation addicts right along with me~

Do you want to have some spotlight shown on you? Gimme a call and lets see how red in the face I can make you, or if you are to afraid — use the link above and make a kinky erotic confession to possibly be posted on my blog at a later date. The more information you give me, the more likely it is to be published. (Make sure it,s not just some run on sentence and make it readable 😉 )

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