I want to be owned by you, Mistress

Those are words that every mistress adores hearing. But, for real mistresses like me, being OWNED isn’t something we will take likely.

It is a PRIVILEGE for you to be owned by intelligent, elite femdoms. It is not a right that is just bestowed on any submissive slave that asks and begs. You have to work at it and you have to EARN it. Belonging to a mistress certainly has its benefits.

You would no longer be searching for someone that understands your kinks and quirks. Along with that, you wouldn’t have to keep explaining your inner, erotic desires over and over again.

You won’t be a part of the slew of submissives that are not owned and are basically outcasts, and “stray pets”. Freedom never makes a submissive slave happy. Being owned and belonging to a mistress is what makes them happy and what makes them whole. Why? Because YOU LIVE TO SERVE.

How to become owned by Mistress Lillith

Only time will tell If you will get to proudly display the ‘Owned by Mistress Lillith’ title. I do, infact, give out that title to those that I deem worthy of being a part of my stable of submissive pets.

~Being sincere and truthful is certainly one way to earn the privileged title.

~Calling to continue your slave training on a regular basis

~Knowing your place, and not trying to ‘top from the bottom’, and never trying to have demands on mistress. You should know, it is *I* that make the demands.

~Remembering that it is YOU that needs ME. Not the other way around.

Bottom line, if you want to belong to me…not only do you need to beg for it, but you need to EARN it.

Do you have what it takes to belong to become an owned slave to Mistress Lillith?


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