Jake has a Humiliation Addiction

I received this erotic confession from Sub Jake — a submissive with a humiliation addiction, and decided to share it with all of you:

I believe I have a humiliation addiction. My wife would never understand and most likely leave me if I told her my fantasies, thus I have resorted to online humiliation videos to get my fix.

On one occasion I watched a video in my car on my lunch hour at work. I masturbated into my water container and refilled it will water. During the remainder of my work day, I drank the cum/water.

I have also masturbated in a cup and drank it. I then put on a pair of panties and glittery lip gloss to go run errands. I made sure to bend over several times while I was out wondering if anyone saw. One cashier at a gas station snickered when she noticed the lip gloss. I also wondered if anyone smelled the cum on my breathe.

I truly wish my wife would gain a love of domination so I could stop sneaking my addiction and embrace it at home.


So Jake, looks to me like you are a cock stroking, cum guzzling, attention seeking whore.

Id like to say your wife is completely in the dark, but I’m willing to bet she knows a few of your…humiliating secrets.

If she does, you can rest assured that she has shared it with one of her best friends or perhaps coworkers! Ever noticed when they quiet down when you come in a room, or give you a strange look? If they have…they know, and if THEY know…SHE knows.

If you need more humiliation tasks ~ Well, I’ll be around 😉



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