James begs for humiliation

Similar to Dear Abby, but much for sexy and fun 😉 This weeks confession comes from James, who wants to beg to visit pro-domme:

I confess that I feel inadequate in many ways. So much so that I asked my fiance to humiliate me. Alas, the gentle loving soul that she is cannot bring herself to do it. I really and truly wish she would.

To vent these feelings of frustration and humiliation, I selfishly went to a pro-domme in my area. She lambasted me with insults and slapped my face many times. I was so turned on, I cannot even begin to tell you. The big joke is that despite having exactly what I had been begging for, the little loser could not rise to the occasion. Which, rightfully so, became another point of humiliation at the session.

I do not have the money to make this a regular thing, but my heart now aches for this type of treatment regularly. I wish to everything holy that my fiance would do this for me, but of course I cannot force it upon her. My wife to be is also ridiculously hot, so there is no way I am going to leave her. It’s probably the only truly great thing I’ve ever done in my life (that is, charm this beautiful woman into wanting to be my wife).

My birthday is coming up and she always asks me what I want. I may be wrecking my life when I ask, but I am seriously going to beg for permission to see a domme with her. It is my hope that seeing the session and seeing how happy I am in the humiliating agony will at least get her to MAYBE throw me an insult a day or something.

In the likely event that this venture fails, I now have a secret savings that I will use for seeing a domme once every three months or so. It’s pretty pathetic, but I honestly don’t think I can live without humiliation in my life.

I’m even typing this out naked and on my knees because I so crave it. The unfortunate thing is that while I am bisexual, I do not feel the same way about men humiliating me otherwise Craigslist would be the simple answer.

All the smart women charge.
Fuck me, I’m so screwed.
My heart aches.

Hahaha well I think more than one thing will be aching besides your heart, dear. 😉

I am curious though…how did the talk turn out? Oh…and Happy Birthday LOSER


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