Little dicks are for Entertainment Purposes ONLY

Your Small Penis, Your Little Dick

…SHOULD be marked for entertainment purposes only. I mean what else would you use your miniscule little tic tac for anyway?

I see the head, the shaft, and even the ‘working’ balls…but they are much more like a die-cast model with ‘working’ gears rather than an ACTUAL cock.

You see my little dicked stroker slut, you may have at one point thought that you were a stud. You went around and acted like a whore.

You were sexually active with random women, you THOUGHT you were one of the dominate ones. You would tie the women down, you would cum in their pussies, you would cum in their mouths, and there were even a few that would allow you to blow your load in their asses.

Now, its time for the realization of what was going on.

That little prick was practice for these girls. A girl wants the experience of having sex, without having actually fucked. They wanted to be able to say they stuck a dick all the way in their mouths (when in reality…it was all the way in, but didn’t even come CLOSE to the back of their throats)

ALL YOU WERE…was a pity fuck.

Younger girls LOVE little ‘fix-er-uper’ boys. But there is no fixing that tiny little penis.

Now…you don’t even get pity sex. You are at the very bottom of the submissive totem pole. There are subby boys that have actually lovely sized cocks…then there are those like you. With a penis so small we need a magnifying glass to actually see it.

Its time for me to re-iterate to you, through small penis humiliation, that your dicklette is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

I wonder which one of you little dicked bandits have the smallest penis of them all? (This is one of the very rare times I’m going to ask,) but take a picture of your dicklette—next to a ruler (no your face need not show) And send it to me in a message.

They will all be posted here for the world to humiliate your tiny little dick. Perhaps you will be crowned as the most pathetic excuse for a man out there with the smallest penis award!

Ever thought of being humiliated on cam?

How about you message me, and get set up on a nice round of small penis humiliation training. It’ll involve myself and another mistress, (perhaps another slave of mine can humiliate you too!) and we will use and abuse you…REMINDING you of exactly what a little penis is used for.

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