Masturbation Addict Humiliation

You are quite the little masturbator aren’t you. While people are busy shoving their fists in a turkey’s ass for stuffing, you are busy shoving your cock through your own fist for sexual gratification. It is all you can ever think about. It is all you ever want to do.

All day long you think of the next time you are able to masturbate. In fact, sometimes you can’t wait to be alone so you fake a ‘bathroom emergency’ so you can run off, pull that cock out and start acting like the masturbating monkey you are.

I know your type, I humiliate your type, I OWN your type – a humiliation mistress like me…knows exactly what a masturbation addict like you needs.

Need to run off for your quick stroking fix now? Hopefully, I’m available to make you feel just as small as your little dick is.

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