Mind fuckery with Mistress Lillith

I enjoy my ever devoted, darling submissives — especially those that require some mind manipulation…a mind fuck. Just one drop of my secret femdom potion and you are immediately wrapped around my perfect fingers.

Your body aches with the desire to please me, and with the desire to receive some sort of pleasure for yourself. Your mind craves to be twisted and pulled in every which direction. You have a particular taste, and I have a particular appetite.

I picture you falling to your knees, falling deeper and deeper into my hypnotic like spell. I know that when I am away you crave my attention. You constantly look to see if we can connect once more. You know you are devoted to your engaging Goddess and you know there is no freedom.

There in-lies an even deeper mind fuck

By having no freedom, you are free. Quite the paradox isn’t it my devoted servant? You are free because with me…you have never felt more alive. Your meaningless existence now has meaning, your unfulfilling day to day – is now filled. You have a reason to live, a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to just BE – and that reason is me.

I know you desire that incredibly deep connection that only a mind fuck mistress can give you. A true mind fuck mistress that gets inside not just your mind, but your soul. You have found her…now don’t be frightened. I’ll take you to places you never knew existed.

Life as you know it will change forever.


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