Mistress Body Worship ~ What is your favorite part?

What’s your favorite body part?

EVERYONE has a favorite…well most subby boys have favorites. Some boys are ass men, some are leg men, some drool over sexy feet, others will trip over themselves when they see a nice set of boobs.

DO you have a favorite?

Maybe just being in the presence of a Goddess like me sends chills running down your spine, and tingles through your body…I love that.

You are welcome to worship the body of your mistress. From the tips of my perfectly pedicured toes, to the back of my sculpted thighs, all the way up to my luscious ass, spending some time worshiping my sweet essence between my legs and running your hands up to worship my c-cup breasts.

Worship me from head to toe, worship the body of your mistress.

Perhaps the favor will be returned, but just worship me for MY pleasure. After all if you enjoy body worship you KNOW your pleasure is derived from my pleasure right?

I would enjoy turning you into my personal seat…and allow you to worship my pussy from me sitting on your face.

Burying your face between my legs where you can smell, taste, and touch the pure essence of a true Goddess.

BUT, if you could have just one part to worship for 24 hours, what would it be and HOW would you worship me? (leave a detailed response, perhaps you’ll moisten the panties of your mistress)

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