My Little dicked hand humper

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I have an over sexed virgin, little dick hand humper that calls in regularly. After he told me his little dicklette was only 3 inches I just had to see it.

So He turned on his cam so that I could actually see that tiny little Vienna sausage. He had to zoom in as far as he could so that I could actually SEE that little nubbit.

He’s never had sex..EVER

He did say that at on point he THOUGHT he was getting lucky, and then I had to explain to him that only after he were to actually penetrate a girl would he have stamped his V-Card. Unfortunately, he won’t be popping any cherries and no girl is going to drop her panties for his unless lil member.

He has a mantra that he has to say at least 3 times a day from now until I say otherwise—it’s nice and long…unlike other things in his life.

And this poor little dicked cock stroker is stuck playing with that little tic-tac with just TWO fingers. He can’t even wrap his whole hand around it!

Not to mention he can’t stroke it to fast because if he does he may break it off…

At least he enjoys a bit of CBT…oh wait—That may be ME that enjoys torturing his cock and balls.

Having the little dicked hand humper apply Ice makes that outtie look an awful lot like an innie! He really should stop referring to it as a ‘dick’ and start referring to it as a clit stick.

Hell when I have him clench his fist together and hump his hand on cam during our small penis humiliation phone sex sessions (yes I will watch you on cam, even if Im not doing cam that day, and if its through my phone only line 😉 ) –even his HAND is left dissatisfied—but I do enjoy watching him try so hard.

My poor little dicked hand humping virgin.


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