Tiny Dicks Forced to Suck Cock

It is VERY clear that you have a less than adequate cock size. Hell, Im not even sure you can CALL what you have a cock.

And yet, time and time again, I hear you wanting to ‘plow some broad’ and you like to boast about ‘what a stud’ you are.

You are just blowing smoke dear. Because NO GIRL, even the ones feeling sorry for you, would EVER let you ‘plow’ them. Hell, I don’t even think you could. Plowing means that you are ramming a cock in there, you are pounding a pussy, tearing it up—and with that little tic-tac nubbit you have between your legs, you won’t be plowing anything. LOL.

You have this ‘macho’ persona but you know that its just a façade. You are not a real man, are you tiny dick boy?

I have a special system for rating and grading real cocks and pathetic peepee’s from grades to comparisons. Where do you fall? And be honest–

Cock Grading Part 1:

Cock Grading Part 2:

Cock Grading Part 3:

Cock Grading Part 4:

Cock Grading Bundle 1-4:

SPH Comparison Assignment:

That is just the first step – of course the next step is to really put you in your place.

Your place is on your knees—not gawking at a tight wet pussy, but rather a big swinging heavy cock.

You need to be coerced and perhaps forced to suck a real cock to know what a real cock looks like and feels like.

I’ll turn your tiny little puny Vienna sausage self – into a cum guzzling cock sucking faggot. You seem to have an obsession with big cocks, thinking yours is huge…but its not…and Im going to show you what a REAL cock is.

And beyond turning you into a fluffer and cock sucker, Im going to turn you into a cuckold – so you can see what a real cock does to a woman when she is ‘plowed’ by it. Women only want real cocks. Just another way to put you in your place.

This will be a new world for you tiny dicked cock sucker – one that you will be forced to love. Get ready…Open wide~

Forced Cock Sucking, Cuckold Fantasies,

and Small Penis Humiliation with Mistress Lillith
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Cum Restriction VS Chastity

Some may have this idea that cum restriction and chastity training are one in the same-that both terms are interchangeable. While they bear some similarities and in *SOME* cases can in fact be interchangeable (based on the training you are undergoing), that is not always the case.

Cum Restriction

When I have decided you are on cum restriction. It means that your orgasms are limited or denied but there are certain milestones that you could hit that would allow for you to release and enjoy an intense orgasm.

When I first put you on cum restriction I would give you specific assignments to complete and you would have a daily log to fill out that may include things like length of time you were stroking your cock, amount of cum you spewed out –provided you were permitted a release that day, and other things for you to check in with.

You may be restricted from touching that little dick of yours completely, or you may be instructed to edge several times a day until I decided you’ve been tortured enough with tease and denial and orgasm edging.

Cum Restriction involves a bit more sincerity simply because it is NOT locked in a chastity device like a cock cage or cb-6000. You have to be completely honest with mistress when doing Cum Restriction. A lot involves self control. Some cock stroking addicts have it, others do not.

Cum Restriction PPV

Chastity Training

When you are locked in chastity, there is very little touching (if at all) when it comes to that cock and there is ZERO cumming until/unless you are being let out of the device.

When I train I am a keyholder and I also utilize the serial number locks (the ones that are one time use…the only way to get it off is to cut it off)~

You still have certain check ins you need to do…for example if I request a photo of your chastity belt next to the day’s news paper or whatever I happen to request you will only have a certain number of hours to turn in the requested photo or you risk punishment that varies based on your personalized chastity training program.

You also still have certain assignments that you need to accomplish. But, chastity training is that…once you are locked you don’t get to unlock unless your mistress has given you permission to do so.

I should also add that ONLY the mistress that has locked you up has the ability to unlock you. NEVER come to me asking for permission of release if I am not the one that locked you up. That is disrespectful and punishment or dismissal may come about…and nothing is more pathetic than a dismissed slave stuck in chastity. 😉

30 Day Chastity Training Program

Training for Both

You can draw similarities from both (such as the seemingly endless game of tease and denial — something I enjoy immensely when locking up a cock), and again in some cases cum restriction and chastity training can be interchangeable…but more often than not they are two different programs.

Luckily for you, I am well versed in both and offer both cum restriction training and personalize chastity training programs – via ppv and phone training

Each has its own levels of difficulty, the question is…which one is right for you?

Cum Restriction and Chastity Training with Mistress Lillith
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Cum Eating Assignment

Cum Cubes for my Cum Eaters -- Forced Cum Eating Assignment -- www.humiliationaddicts.com
How about some Cum Cubes for my Cum Eaters ~

It’s a nice warm spring day, you open up the windows to air out the house and you start to get the ‘its spring, almost summer’ vibe~ perfect day for a cum eating assignment

You know what today is absolutely perfect for?

I nice cold glass of lemonade with some ice cubes. How special is the lemonade? HAHA well, we’d just have to see about that won’t we…BUT

The REAL treat is the Ice Cubes–er rather, CUM cubes.

That’s right my cum guzzling little cock strokers, we will be making some cum cubes for your glass of lemonade, or glass of any cold drink for that matter.

You have been stroking and collecting that cum for quite some time, you’ve collected it in a shot glass, and you’ve collected it in a spoon~ I’ve even had you squeeze it into your coffee for a special kind of creamer.

NOW you will be undergoing some forced orgasm cock stroking while I make you stroke and cum until every slot in the ice cube tray is nice and full with that hot steamy spunk.

Slip it into the freezer and let it chill until nice and frozen. Perfect cum cubes for a perfect spring day.

Hey and when its hot you can take that cum cube and smear it all over your neck to cool off…and pop one in to just suck on.

HAHAHA I would be THRILLED to SEE you suckling on your cum cubes. (my humiliation pets could take a picture or pop on cam for me to WATCH)

It is spring time a new time for new fun ideas to bloom and blossom, how many addicted cum eaters do I have out there (or soon to be addicted cum eaters) – perhaps you need to be forced to swallow that cum, or just need some coaxing…Lucky for you Mistress Lillith LOVES pushing those limits and boundaries.

Go make yourself a glass, if you need help I’m right here…if not I’ll expect a full report of how your little cum eating assignment went. 😉

Forced Cum Eating and Humiliation with Mistress Lillith
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Cuckold Humiliation

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Do you want to fall under my spell and beg me to be your beautiful erotic cuckoldress?

Do you want me to humiliate you for being a cuckold and take you further into the depths of cuckoldry? I have the power to make you feel aroused, yet humiliated at the same time, as my cucky. Don’t think that I won’t be going out two or three nights a week to seek out the sexual satisfaction that you can’t provide. I will go to bed with well-hung men while you stare at sexy photos of me, edging yourself, waiting for me to come home. Keep begging to actually watch me in bed with these real men who know who to please me, while you kneel there at my bedside, obediently.

And, don’t say a word while you watch us having sex! I will tell you if I need you to do something kinky, something that cucks are often told to do with their tongue. And I’m sure you’ve heard of cuckolds being turned into fluffers! You will kneel like a good cucky boi and fluff the well-endowed stud getting him raging hard so that when he’s inside me, I will orgasm over and over and scream out in absolute pleasure. Call me on my direct dial phone sex line for cuckold humiliation. I will turn you into such a submissive cuckold that you won’t know what has happened to you. The only way to fulfill this fantasy or reality is to call me right now for cuckold phone sex so we can indulge your cuckold fetish and my cuckoldress desires.

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My Little dicked hand humper

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I have an over sexed virgin, little dick hand humper that calls in regularly. After he told me his little dicklette was only 3 inches I just had to see it.

So He turned on his cam so that I could actually see that tiny little Vienna sausage. He had to zoom in as far as he could so that I could actually SEE that little nubbit.

He’s never had sex..EVER

He did say that at on point he THOUGHT he was getting lucky, and then I had to explain to him that only after he were to actually penetrate a girl would he have stamped his V-Card. Unfortunately, he won’t be popping any cherries and no girl is going to drop her panties for his unless lil member.

He has a mantra that he has to say at least 3 times a day from now until I say otherwise—it’s nice and long…unlike other things in his life.

And this poor little dicked cock stroker is stuck playing with that little tic-tac with just TWO fingers. He can’t even wrap his whole hand around it!

Not to mention he can’t stroke it to fast because if he does he may break it off…

At least he enjoys a bit of CBT…oh wait—That may be ME that enjoys torturing his cock and balls.

Having the little dicked hand humper apply Ice makes that outtie look an awful lot like an innie! He really should stop referring to it as a ‘dick’ and start referring to it as a clit stick.

Hell when I have him clench his fist together and hump his hand on cam during our small penis humiliation phone sex sessions (yes I will watch you on cam, even if Im not doing cam that day, and if its through my phone only line 😉 ) –even his HAND is left dissatisfied—but I do enjoy watching him try so hard.

My poor little dicked hand humping virgin.


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Humiliation addicts wanted

Calling all Humiliation Addicts

Are you a pet that enjoys erotic humiliation? I know I certainly do and now there is a place to read about my latest humiliation pet’s right here!

HA—I am amused by how much my pets humiliate themselves – be it with a small pathetic little dick, or you sharing some cuckold story of your wife laying down and taking the cock of a real man while you sit there in your panties and watch—an everything in between. I know the addiction is real…you are just one of the many humiliation addicts out there aren’t you ~ 😉

There are truly a plethora of ways to humiliate cock stroking humiliation addicts like you~

So, some of my favorite calls will be blogged about right here…so that EVERYONE can enjoy and ridicule my humiliation addicts right along with me~

Do you want to have some spotlight shown on you? Gimme a call and lets see how red in the face I can make you, or if you are to afraid — use the link above and make a kinky erotic confession to possibly be posted on my blog at a later date. The more information you give me, the more likely it is to be published. (Make sure it,s not just some run on sentence and make it readable 😉 )

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