Worship Times/Schedule (times are in EASTERN):
*subject to change without notice*

Updated 1.26.17

Sunday-Tuesday: 11pm to 4am

Wednesdays-Thursday: 8pm -4am

Saturday: By Appointment

Cam to Cam Session Availability(Times in Eastern)

Wednesday: 11pm to 1 am

Thursday: 11pm to 1 am

Friday: 11pm to 3am

Not available for cam before 10pm eastern during the week. All other dates/times are by Appointment — or follow me on twitter to see when I’ll turn my cam light on (date and times). Appointments require a 20-minute session minimum as well as an additional tribute for me making an exception for you. 

*Scheduling an appointment*

Pre-scheduled appointments only. Additional tribute required for me making an exception and tells me you will show up for it. After the 3rd successful appointment met and kept, I *MAY* remove the additional tribute requirement.

Send me a message requesting your appointment…you MUST give me the date and time (in eastern ONLY) for your request, and it must be 24 hours or more before the appointment to allow for time to respond.

Other Availability

While this schedule is to give you an idea of my general ability, there will be times I am available outside of what is noted above. If you have added me to yahoo or skype you will be among the first to be notified when I am available outside of the posted schedule.

General rule of thumb ~ Catch me while you can!!