Sexual Addiction Humiliation

3 words…Sexual Humiliation Addiction. Something that makes you cringe, has you shaking and something that leaves that pathetic nubbit of yours…rock—hard.

No matter how you mix it up, you addiction is the same. You are addicted to humiliation, you are addicted to sex, and you are addicted to me (or at least you will be)

I crave my humiliation addicts, and love to put you in your place making you feel just as small as your teenie weenie. I know that some just love for all of my attention to focus on *ONLY* on that small cock…but lets face it, there isn’t A LOT to focus on (cheesy pun intended)

What about the fact that you are a pathetic loser virgin boy that has never had sex?

What about the fact that—maybe you have popped your boy cherry but can never keep it up longer than 30 seconds before losing your load all over yourself. You cum before she even has a chance to get wet.

What about the humiliation of sexual addiction. Always having that urge to hop on some free porn site so you can whip out that dick and stroke time and time again with zero resistance…regardless of whom is around. You LIKE being caught with your pants around your ankles. You LIKE being red in the face, cock in hand.

All because of an addiction. Its who you are, and I love exploiting who and what you are. Humiliating you is a WONDERFUL day for me…the perfect way to start or end my day. Making you feel 3 inches tall, even bringing TEARS to your face thrills and excites me.

You may be a pathetic lover in the bedroom with no clue how to get a woman’s panties moist. But a way MINE get moist…is to humiliate you beyond repair.

You have an addiction, a need – a sexual humiliation addiction, that only Mistress Lillith can fulfill.

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