Sock sniffing, foot licker

sock snifferThat’s what you are isn’t it my little foot fetish fiend.

Everyone out there has a part of the body that just makes them melt, and brings them on the brink of creaming themselves.

For you, it is that just got home dirty, smelly foot.

Considering just how hot it is outside, you favorite time of day is when I come back from a nice long work out. I’m hot, I’m sweaty, my socks are damp from the latest work out.

As my official foot slave, I would like you to kneel before me and slowly take off my dusty tennis shoes.

I want to see you shove your nose right into it and take a nice big wiff.

Now slide off my soaked in sweat socks. Place them on your face and lay on your back. I’ll be using my feet to press up against your face and rub those socks into your face. I may take one and ball it up and place it in your mouth as a nice sweaty sock gag.

You would like that wouldn’t you sock sniffer.

Now I’ll be rubbing my sweaty feet all over your face. I want you to smell them, to feel them. If you are permitted to take the sock gag out, you can lick and suck them.

What else could mistress have you do with her sweaty feet…its making you hot just thinking about being squished underneath them isn’t it.

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