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Curse of the Average Cock

In a locker room of 10 naked men, you wouldn’t be the smallest and you wouldn’t be the biggest. In the room of 3-5 naked men, you are STILL in the middle.

You are just average. Nothing to humiliate, and nothing to drool over.

You find yourself fading into the background. For most girls, it could go either way. You probably aren’t the humiliated virgin like someone with a micropenis but you aren’t the one that girls will think off when they go over the highlight reel when they grab their Hitachi.

You aren’t memorable. Most people are probably bored as hell when it comes to you.

At least the smallest dicks and those that are barely the size of an over grown pimple have something to talk about and laugh at later on. They actually have something to talk about.

I don’t need to tell you WHY a nice big cock will be memorable. (and if they possess the perfect trifecta of a cock even better)

You are in the middle. Makes it kind of sad and pathetic for you huh? You want so hard to belong to the small group because you know you sure as hell don’t fit in with the MONSTER cocks. What kind of pathetic excuse for a man WANTS a smaller cock?

I’ve even heard some averaged sized cocks BEG to be humiliated for being so small. LOL Sorry to burst your bubble but your average slim jim isn’t memorable. You will be forgotten after the call. You have no real redeeming qualities when it comes to your cock.

You are average. Nothing exciting, nothing memorable, nothing that is sexually pleasing nor hilariously entertaining.

If you ever got the CHANCE to be acknowledged by a woman of my caliber – you’d be forgotten just as quickly. Those moments will be fleeting for you.

You aren’t anything…you are just…average…you are just…nothing.

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