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You are Weak, I am Strong

The Pathetic Male Population is in awe of women.

You fear us, you fear us because you are beneath us. You will never be on the same level as women are.

You can argue differently, and perhaps if you wanted to bring in physiology you may have some leg to stand on.

However, beyond physiology you KNOW you don’t stand a chance.

Women create life, you are just the momentary point of pleasure (If that). Women have the pussy that controls you. You do everything for that pussy, you would do anything to touch it, to see it, to taste it.

You are inferior. Males are inferior. You are inferior to the Pussy.

She who controls the pussy, controls the world – and boys know this. They will try and hold a woman down, because those that KNOW the secret to life – become dominant, twisted Mistresses such as myself. I know what makes you tick, I exploit what makes you tick and I do it all for my own benefit and pleasure.

I can even see the totem pole of submissive males. ALL MALES ARE BENETHE ME…but YOU are the lowest of the low – that does mean at some point the lowest of the low, serves others slightly above them. I have had tiny little dicked nothings sucking sissy cock. Are you going to suck sissy cock for mistress lillith?

What I say goes. ALWAYS. I haven’t the time to deal with ‘making’ you do anything. You know you could never measure up.

Like little dicked nothing Matthew, he know’s who he is. He thinks he’s entitled to something and yet he is entitled to nothing. He owes women everything. He is a pathetic little worm with no point of redemption at all in his pathetic existence. He knows he’ll never measure up.

You owe all to women. The women like me that have been awaked know, the submissive me that are truly in the realm of serving female supremacists know…you do know.

You are weak, I am strong – You are nothing to me, and I am everything to you.