Time for your Spanking Slave Boy

time for your spanking! Do you want to be spanked? Do you want to be treated like a bad boy and be punished? Do you get pleasure out of the pain brought by a ladies hairbrush repeatedly smacking your bare behind?

You have come to the right place for such a naughty phone sex call or fantasy corporal punishment role play chat. I will turn you over my knee and spank that little tush until it is beet-red. I might even tell you I’m not going to stop spanking you until you cry real tears. I might make you confess how naughty you are before I decide exactly how I will discipline you. So naughty, in fact, that instead of using my hand, I will use a paddle instead. And I have the best designed paddle to do so. My big wooden paddle has 9 holes drilled in it, making it less resistant to air when I raise the paddle high to bring it down hard on each cheek, causing more pain for you and pleasure for me as I paddle you. Or perhaps I could use my purple hairbrush to create stinging welts on your bare bottom. No matter what you have the fancy for, I will indulge your spanking role play or paddling fantasy phone sex scenario.

I will show you the true power of a Femdom Mistress who holds nothing back when it comes to spanking and paddling punishments! Have your paddle or hairbrush ready when you call me if you want to experience real pain.

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